Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nice Hoosier Weekend

My friend (and member of my IU grad school cohort), Matt Jackson, was in town this weekend to give the T600 colloquium talk. Nicely ironic that it was homecoming weekend, to boot. Matt's talk was interesting. He's a scholar interested in copyright law as it applies to the digital world we live in. He's also the Department Head in the Dept. of Telecommunications at Penn State. Beyond that, just a nice guy and it was great to see him.

Hoosiers won their homecoming game

And, for Matt's sake I'm glad that PSU won their game as well (with all appologies to my friend Sam who is now on faculty at Ohio State). And, I guess with all appologies to Joe Paterno, who I thought should have been shown the door long ago.

Also went to a very nice wedding on Saturday night. A woman in the ICR got married to her fiance--a Physics grad student. It was out in Morgan Monroe state park--a lovely time.

Now, though, the weekend is over an I'm getting ready to post lectures! Onward.

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