Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gaining on it

Today was another beautiful day in Bloomington. And, being just about over my cold, I rode the bike into the department. Nice to get some exercise prior to lowering my shoulder and working on some ICA papers. Below is a list of what I'm working on, and it's stage of completion. I'm afraid if you want more details on the papers, you'll have to email me (or go to Dresden!). This is just a list for me to see where I'm at:

The paper on the "Double-Units" clutter study with Brian Wilson and Ashley Sanders Jackson is about 95% done. I've put it in the hads of my co-authors and am waiting to hear back from them. Then, I need to write a discussion and send it in.

The abstract for the paper that looks at the impact of video and auditory structural complexity and information density on secondary task reaction times is 95% done as well. It's in the hands of coauthors and I'll likely submit it tomorrow.

The abstract I'm working on with Seth Finn and Sungkyoung is done and emailed to them. This is truly a new area for me--Seth is introducing the concept of semantic uncertainty at the individual word level and making predictions about autonomic arousal levels and enjoyment. I've sent it to him to make sure the hypotheses are correct. Unfortunately, he's in Italy (!) and I don't know if he works weekends. After I hear from him and Sungkyoung, I'll submit that one.

The paper that I'm writing with Annie Lang and Satoko Kurita, which presents data validating a shorter measure of MAM (Motivation Activation Measure), which Annie developed with her grad students last year is the NEXT one that I'll be focusing on. Satoko has done a good job of preparing the methods section and the results. I'm going to write the front end and the hypotheses tomorrow and have it waiting for Annie to look at on Monday. Since it's her measure, I really do want her to give it the "okay" before it gets submitted. She's seen the data, though, and it's obvious that the shorter measure is very comparable to the MAM that's approximately 2/3 longer for subjects to complete. So, I want to know that one out tomorrow.

Then, I've been leading a group of grad students on a content analysis of Mercury Award winning Ads from the Radio Advertising Bureau and RAP award winners from Radio and Production Magazine. We've got 5 years of ads coded--all except for one year of Mercury winners. I've been waiting to get that data from my Research Assistant for 2 days. . .and haven't heard a word. GRRRR. Luckily, the literature review sections have been started by the grad students and I hopefully can put it together quickly.


Now, why did I decide to TYPE a blog after spending all day writing?!

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