Tuesday, October 25, 2005

All this time getting ready--and I'm not even going to the dance

First, my thanks to those who expressed their support for this blog in light of my latest post. My goal WAS (and is) to use this outlet as a way to get my research results out quickly to those who might be interested in what we were doing at the ICR. I have also hoped that someday, some potential graduate student will stumble upon it an be able to put a human story behind what can seem the inapproachable and daunting task. I'm not perfect, just curious, and that's what keeps me going.

And that has certainly been highlighted these past few days. Those of you who have been with The Audio Prof blog since the early days remember that one of the first postings was from the International Communication Association Conference in New York City last May. Well, in order to attend these conferences, researchers must first submit their papers for blind review. If reviewers think the paper is good enough, it gets "accepted" for presentation at the conference.

Well, the ICA deadline is Nov. 1. Gulp, only 8 days from now. I'm working on six papers in a variety of capacities. (alright, half of those are abstracts. . .explaining work in progress. . . and are only 4-pages long).

And what's more, I won't even be going to the conference--which this year is in Munich, Germany. Still, the writing of the papers and satisfying my curiousity on "what the data say" about the things we're investigating is what keeps me doing it anyway. That and grad students who have been helping me with the project deserve the chance to go.

Luckily, the darn cold that ripped through our household seems to have worked its way through me, mostly. Now, I can get back to work!


IUAngelini said...

Actually, it's in Dresden. :)

Anonymous said...

In fairness, it was supposed to be in Munich, and people talked about Munich for a couple of years before the change.