Thursday, September 08, 2005

More clutter research coming tomorrow

In the Dept. we have what we call "brown bags"which are informal to semi-formal presentations of our creative and/or research activity. Technically, it's a class called the Colloquium (T600) that graduate students register for. It's worth 1 credit a semester, and PhD students must register and attend for 4 semesters. They must also present original work twice over the course of their studies.

Usually, for doctoral students, the first study is one they are involved in with a faculty member, and then the last one is related in some way to their dissertation.

Faculty present, too, as a way to introduce new ideas they are working on or present data.

Originally, I was slated to give the clutter presentation NEXT Friday, and INformatics Professor Jean Camp but apparently she had travel plans that got re-arranged and David Waterman (the T600 coordinator for the semester) was in a bind and asked for volunteers to move up to tomorrow.

What the heck.

So, there will be more tomorrow.

Sorry that it has been a while since I've blogged. Lotsa research going on and settling into the new semester.

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