Saturday, September 17, 2005

Computer woes slowing me down

Again Saturday seems to be the day for blog.
I suppose that's because the week itself is so busy.
This week was particularly that way -- because after months of putting off the computer tech guys from College -- I finally let them take my laptop away to "rebuild" it. What this actually entails on their end I have no idea, but on my end it meant racking my brain trying to figure out what I needed backed up before I sent my laptop off to them.

I get to a point just weren't think I had everything back to -- then realized that I probably needed to grab such and such a file from within whatever folder. PalmPilot schedules backed up? Check. Data sets that I can't afford to lose backed up? Check. What about the NaturallySpeaking user profile, and I've been training for the last two weeks? Is that backed up? Oh for the love of God, don't lose that!

My thanks to Mike at CITO for doing such a great job getting the laptop back to me. There was a time this afternoon, when I had thought that I in fact didn't successfully backed up the NaturallySpeaking user profile. So, I had be grudgingly begun to train the darn thing again. But a luckily I found my user files, and don't have spend the next couple of weeks read teaching it what I had already taught it.

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Newton Tisch said...

OMG! Thank you for this.