Wednesday, September 28, 2005

(20)11 is my lucky number

According to a recent online article in Mediaweek, radio executives are making mostly positive comments about the PPM data coming out of the trial in Houston! Although the AQH numbers seem to be way down compared to diaries, the reach is much greater.

Check out the savy quote from (Indy's own) Jeff Smulyan of Emmis--advertisers are demanding a more valid way of measuring exposure to radio and the PPM gives them that. Way to go Jeff!

Arbitron apparently is encouraged by the reception, as they have said that their current plan is to have PPMs in the top 50 markets by 2011. Eleven is my lucky number. Coincidence. Yes, probably.

In other Indy radio news, longtime "soft hits" station WTPI has swapped formats to Adult Hits. They are calling themselves the track (weird allusion to the Indy Speedway? Maybe. But now it seems to relate to the term "track" as in "playing 18 tracks in a row during your weekday.").

You can hear them online here.

As much as I enjoyed WTPI's light hits format, their ratings have truly struggled as of late.

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