Friday, August 26, 2005

A new toy--does it work on the blog?

So a few days ago, I got a new productivity toy.
After watching colleagues of mine, one by one the come around to using a speech recognition program. I finally succumbed. I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8, and now going through the process of training the thing. Part of me seems to remember buying an earlier version of the program. I think may be seven or six. But I wasn't really happy with the, perhaps because at the time it was tied to a particular word processing software.

Or at least I thought it was.
Version 8 seem to get great reviews, not only from my colleagues, but also from articles like from the New York Times. So none giving it a try on the blog.

Of course, I meant to write so now I'm giving it a try on the blog.
Heavy sigh.
I do seem to remember some of my colleagues saying that you have to give it about three weeks maybe 2 weeks, in order for it to really get trained. I hope I have the patience to put up with it. When it really gets moving it is faster. There's no doubt about a but right now making corrections sure takes a lot of time.

Through a series of circumstances that would take too long to explain I have a meeting this afternoon with Carl Malamud. Should be interesting. Perhaps more on that later.

But for now, go read the manual on my new toy in trying to get it working better

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