Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hello from Washington State

I am officially 'on vacation.' Or, more accurately, as close to on vacation as I ever seem to get. ONe of the things that is so weird (and good) about my job is that I love what I do so much that I can't ever seem to let it alone completely.

I was thinking the other day, what a great profession this is, to earn a living for being able to satisfy your curiosities about something that fascinates you. IN my case, about media and radio.

So, I'm back in my home town of the Tri-Cities WA.

Actually, I grew up in Richland (one of the. . .uh. . .tri-cities).

All the radio stations have changed since I was growing up. All in all, though, the market sounds pretty good. There's at least a couple of country stations in town. . . and one of them today had their afternoon guy back announce a song and say "on the station that actually tells you the name of the song and who's singing it. . ." as an obvious swipe to computer controlled juke boxes that pass for stations.

Weird thing is, that the station saying it was a Clear Channel station. Which is notorious for piping in voice tracks from states away. However, looking at that station compared to the other country competitor in town and you'd have to say that they do have more of a live/local on-air personality. Sad to say it still seems to be only the three daytime dayparts, though, with Lia doing nights from who the heck knows where.

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