Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Family care and Research Magnetism

Vacation is now about half over for me.
I'm in Richland Washington, and have been separated from my immediate family (wife and kids) while I visit my mom in a rehab facility here in the Tri-Cities. Mom broke a few vertebrae about a month ago--and it took awhile for them to diagnose it. So, she was in bed for a long time and all her muscles atrophied pretty badly.

Now, she's in rehab learning to walk again.
Long process, but she's made good progress for the days I've been here.

But, much of my days are going to the rehab center giving her encouragement.
I've also been setting her up with a cell phone plan.
The rehab facility doesn't have phones in each room---only a cordless at the nurse's station.
So, getting her a cell was important--and difficult to do as there are three companies in town, all have different plans, I wonder which one will fit mom, etc. etc. etc.

Then, after that I go back to where I'm staying--which is at my dad & stepmom's house. I spend the evening catching up with them. When they go to bed, then I start to do work.
Made for some late nights this week, but I know I need to get at least some things done before I'm reunited with Pam and the kids tomorrow!

So, this blog posting has been mostly personal. But, for those of you interested in research, check out this picture of the new fMRI magnet being delivered to IU's Dept. of Psych.

I sent an email to my research buddy, Paul Bolls, who is all about moving the field of communication research into brain imaging and such. He told me that he's drooling! Ha!

Off to dad's.

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