Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Summer school!!!

Well, summer session 1 is almost over. Today we'll meet for course evals and--although I had a lecture scheduled I think that the class (me included) are pretty burned out. So, I'll just make a few comments about XM & Sirius, podcasting, and the effect it's having on the broadcast industry with stations like Kyou.

Another semester of teaching programming comes to an end and I'm stuck with the feeling that all three major topic (tv, cable, and radio) but particularly radio has gotten short-changed in terms of the time devoted to it. I'm toying with the idea of suggesting a course that is strictly on the radio industry. Someday, maybe.

Just read an interesting story at FMQB that said the Jack/Bob/whatever format is having high cume but not high TSL. That seems contrary to what I'd expect. Could it be that people find the format of 'playing whatever we want' a curiosity but in the end disconcerting and disturbing? Seems like I love listening to MY ipod, but I may not want to borrow YOURS.


Anonymous said...

Good call on not having much of a lecture today. I think we all are pretty burned out.

Victor Tirado said...

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