Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A great picture from ICA

In one of the cool things that happened at ICA was getting together with old friends and colleagues. There was a session where I had either my own work, work from my students at IU, or work from my former students at Bama. Afterwards we went out for dinner and had a picture taken.

In the very back row is Fei (who I mistakenly called Edgar--another comm. scholar from Korea--when I saw him in NYC. Fei is currently teaching advertising at Mississippi State, I believe. A bama grad.

Then it's Brian Wilson, a masters student at IU and my RA this past semester. He worked closely with me on the "double-units" radio clutter experiment, which I may tell you about sometime.

The next two are a couple, actually. It's Francesca Dillman-Carpentier--a student I met at bama. I actually served on her dissertation committee, which was chaired by Dolf Zillmann. Francesca's been doing a post-doc in a social psych lab at Arizona State for the last. . . geez I guess it's been three years. Next year she'll join the telecomm. faculty at UNC. Next to her is her husband Chris. A very nice guy who is working on his grad degree in computer science.

The middle row is Courtney Carpenter--a phd student at bama. I was on her masters committee in the APR department. Glad to see she continued on with the doctorate.

The next is Shuhua Zhou, who I met when we were both grad students at IU. He was in journalism , but we both worked together in the lab. Then, a year after I joined the Bama faculty, so did he. We worked together down there for 4 years, I guess. I miss him very much and always look forward to ICA so that I can talk with him again.

Aimee Edison is the one with the spiky hair. She was a masters student of mine at bama, and I we have done work together on the effect of advertising clutter in radio. Right as I was deciding to leave UA to go back to bloomington, she was trying to decide whether to stay at bama for her PhD or go to Michigan State. Only days after telling me that she had decided to stay in Tuscaloosa I made my decision to to back to IU. Made me sad. Now, she tells me that she's getting 2! doctorates at bama--one in Communication and another in Psych.

Then a lineup of three grad students from the ICR-lab--Narine, who has been working closely with Annie

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