Thursday, May 19, 2005

Don't know what to expect

Well, I heard tonight on NPR that there is an international competition tonight of web programmers trying to find out who can produce the best viral web creation--like that dancing baby or the chubby singing kid in his New Jersey basement--

It's hard to believe that wnyone would be interested in this blog at all.
But, I heard a good speech on an audible download from David Weinberger talking about blogs and it was such a good lecture that I thought I'd try to start one myself.

The lecture was so good, part of the Library of Congress series on the digital future.
It's free, too, so give it a look, er a listen.

One of the things that the lecture talks about is how blogs are so powerful because they establish forgiveness and trust between all the participants. One of the way that forgiveness is manifest, he says, is that bloggers are all sloppy in their typing, spelling, etc.

Well, I'm a University professor, and already I've backed up and (I just did it on 'and' in fact, which I spelled 'adn') corrected tons of mistakes in this posting. I'm wondering if that will change, or if you all. . . yeah, all. . . er whoever is reading this. . will feel it too impersonal.

I'm hoping to be able to use this blog to keep anyone interested in research on audio and the way the brain processes audio up to date on what I'm doing in my lab in the Institute for Communication Research.

I'm also working lots on updating my website, and spend most of my evenings right now fiddling with it. So, for now the blog may be brief.

If you do read this, I'd be interested in having you respond. Even if it's just to let me know that you found me. I'm not holding my breath.

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